Travel Top 5: Amsterdam

Happy Friday!

Our next stop on our “travel top 5” is Amsterdam! I spent 4 days there with my boyfriend in late May. It was a beautiful city and I definitely want to go back because I didn’t spend enough time there.

So In no particular order, let’s see Amsterdam:

1. Explore the Canals

Walk, boat, stand and stare, do anything you can do enjoy the canals. They were my favorite part of the city and I loved watching the boats on the water. We walked a lot on the canals and also went on a boat tour which I recommend.

2. Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the Dutch national museum filled with the art and history of the Netherlands. It’s pretty big so plan for half a day there. I really enjoyed how there was all different types of art and history artifacts to see.

3. Anne Frank House

I think the Anne Frank House is a must if you’re visiting Amsterdam. Book your tickets online before you go because they sell out – I think we got ours two months before we went. The tour is very well done and the experience is one of a kind and absolutely took my breath away. Reading about her experience is one thing, but seeing the living quarters is another.

4. People Watch

I believe you should do this in every city you visit, but it was especially fun in Amsterdam to sit at a restaurant on a plaza and people watch for a few hours. It’s very relaxing and really helps you get a sense of the city by watching the locals.

5. Houses/Architecture

Amsterdam was our first stop on our short Europe trip. When we pulled into the central train station and spotted the tall canal houses it was the first feeling of “we’re here!” It was such an exciting moment and the entire time in Amsterdam I just loved looking up at all the buildings and taking in the architecture. So sit, people watch, and enjoy the buildings.

Things I missed out on:

  • Ride Bikes – Bikes really are everywhere and it would have been an amazing way to see the city, but unfortunately it was windy, cold and rainy when we wwere there.
  • See the tulips in bloom – We just missed ht etu

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