Prost! Etched Glass Stein


I have the perfect DIY to help you celebrate Oktoberfest this year! Though the celebrations began September 17, they will continue until October 3, so there is still plenty of time to drink up and enjoy. This DIY etched stein is the perfect gift or just for your own enjoyment. I made this as a birthday present for a friend who throws his own Oktoberfest party every September for his birthday. We call his party “Paultoberfest”which inspired this project.


  • Glass Stein
  • Glass Etching Pen
  • Printed Design
  • Tape


Etched Beer Mug | Minted Bold

Select your glass and estimate how many inches long you’d like your design or phrase to cover. I decided to make mine wrap across the front of the stein, so I needed about 5 inches of text. Use Word to type your phrase in a font that you like. Print and cut out your phrase so that it fits inside your glass. Level the phrase and tape to the inside of your glass.

Etched Beer Mug | Minted Bold

Now you’re ready to start etching! Wear eye protection in case of any glass shards – I just used my sunglasses. Follow the printed template with slow, short strokes to start. I found it was easiest to eye-ball the edge of each letter then fill in from there. Go slow and steady for best results. As you go, blow or wipe away the dust from the glass.

Etched Beer Mug | Minted Bold

Once you are finished, remove the design and wash the glass inside and out to remove any glass dust. Now you’re ready to drink!

This technique is very easy and can be replicated for wine glasses, pints and anything you’d like!  What glassware would you try this on? Let me know in the comments!

DIY Etched Beer Mug | Minted Bold

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