Ready for Fall: Favorite Things

Fall officially starts tomorrow!

It doesn’t feel like it in California (it was 94 on Monday!), but that won’t stop me from getting excited about fall and all of the fun it brings. Fall might be my favorite season (really, every new season is my favorite for the moment) – it includes my birthday, fun clothes, crisp air, and THANKSGIVING! Before I get ahead of myself, let’s jump into my favorite things about fall:

  • Cozy Clothes

I love cozy jackets, boots and blanket scarves – you know, the essentials of fall.

  • Corn Mazes

Last year a group of 12 friends and I went to a huge corn maze at night and it was more than I could have anticipated. If you have kids, go! If you’re a rowdy young adult, GO!

  • Pie!

Last year I dragged my boyfriend to go apple picking with me and afterward we (I) baked a fresh apple pie. While I don’t think that we will go apple picking any time soon, baking pies is the perfect way to get in the fall season.

  • Thanksgiving

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – I get to hang out with my family and eat amazing food (Stuffing, lots of stuffing) and lay around for a full 4-day weekend! I don’t ever go out shopping that weekend and instead just hang out with friends and family and it is simply the best.

  • Movie Marathons

I love spending chilly weekends on the couch watching movie marathons in November and December, whether it be Harry Potter or bad Lifetime movies, I love them all.

What are you most excited for for fall?

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