How-To Pull Off A Last Minute Baby Shower

If the title of this post gives anything away, I somehow pulled off a last minute baby shower this past weekend. When I say last minute, I mean 1 week last minute. Due to some health issues, my aunt was unable to throw the shower she had been planning, and also hadn’t done nearly any shopping or prep for it. With the help of my mom, a cousin and my aunt’s friend, we were able to put together a shower in less than a week – and I think it turned out okay!


Lucky for us the theme was already set – a pink “twinkle twinkle” baby shower. If there is no theme, the simpler the better. Pink & flowers is the perfect theme for a little girl shower, last minute or not! A theme will help guide you in planning the rest of your party.


Luckily, the shower was still able to be hosted at my aunts house. Otherwise, we could have done it at another relatives house or local restaurant. If you chose to host the shower at a restaurant, you don’t need to worry about food or cleaning (nice!) but you will need extra time to decorate.


Go. To. Coscto. We got all of our food from Costco and Safeway for a party of 25. We ordered a platter of sandwich wraps and picked up some vegetable and fruit trays all from Costco. We transferred the food to serving platters we had available, but you could easily head to the dollar store. We served Safeway raspberry lemonade with slices of fresh lemon. I put everything in a large container to give it a nicer look. Everyone thought it was some amazing homemade lemonade, when it was really a 2/$5 jug from the grocery! We served everything with pink plates, cups, napkins and utensils from the dollar store. You can also go a little fancy and grab some plastic champagne flutes from a local party store, but it’s not necessary.



Call up your local bake shop asap and order a cake. No it might not be Pinterest worthy, but at least it will taste amazing.



Again, head to your local dollar store, party store or Target and find some decor with the theme color. We picked up pink tassels, pom-poms, and table clothes. We also bought two-dozen pink roses from the grocery and split them into small vases for table toppers.



Luckily the games had already been ordered, but I think they would have come in time anyways. Sorry for the plug, but I legitimately ordered the games for this party from the company I work at and had them in a few days. I ordered bingo cards and scratch cards from Beau-coup. We also played the guess the tummy size game with pink yarn, and a baby memory game with small baby items. For prizes I just picked up a few candles from Target and some cheap bags from the dollar store.


Do something easy! Stick to your color theme, and make it edible if possible. A few quick ideas: fill tiny boxes (from a craft store) with candy that matches the color theme, or send guests home with a polaroid photo of them and the mommy-to-be!

Create a time schedule for your party – here’s a look at ours:

1-1:45 Guests arrive, eat, mingle. Begin tummy size guessing game as guests finish eating.

1:45 – 2:15 Play games!

2:15 – 2:30ish Cake and fill in bingo cards for present opening

2:30 – 3:30 Present opening. For this party (~20-25 people) we figured it would take an hour to open all the presents (it did).

3:30 – 4 Final mingling and guests leave.

That’s really it! Having more than one set of hands really helps, so try to recruit a few people. The most important steps are to order the food, cake and any special games or supplies you will need asap. If this is at someones house, clean and decorate the night before! These both take a lot longer than you think, as will setting up food & flower arrangements. We had two hours to set-up food and flower arrangements and it was just enough time.

Have you ever thrown a last-minute shower? What are some tips you have? Let me know with a comment!

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