DIY Suede Throw Pillows

I know velvet is having a come back, but I am all about suede right now! I was looking for suede throw pillows for my bed but I couldn’t find the right size or color, so I made my own. This is my first time sewing a zipper and i’m pretty proud of how these turned out. Follow along with the instructions to DIY your own pillows too:


  • Sewing machine
  • All-purpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Zipper
  • Suede
  • Pillow forms
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Matching thread

Cut suede ½” wider and taller than pillow forms. My forms were 16″ x 16″ so I cut two 16½” x 16½” squares of suede. You will sew with ½” seam allowances so your pillow case will actually be ½” small, but since suede stretches it will fit your pillow forms snugly. Be careful not to stretch your fabric while sewing so you get crisp stitches. I used a lot of pins to keep my fabric in line and so I would know if it was getting stretched.

Pair your two squares of fabric right sides together. On one edge, place your zipper in the center of the fabric and pin the fabric to mark the top and bottom of your zipper. Do not pin your zipper to the fabric yet. For my pillow, I had 2½” above and below my zipper.
DIY Suede Throw Pillows | Minted Bold

Using a regular stitch length and width, sew from the edge to the first pin. Use a back stitch to lock your thread at the start and when you reach the first pin. once you’ve back stitched, switch to your longest stitch and sew to the second pin.Once at the second pin, return to a normal stitch, back stitch a few then sew to the end and back stitch again.

DIY Suede Throw Pillows | Minted Bold

Open your seam and press flat with your iron. Place your zipper face down on your open seam and pin in place. Open your zipper about an inch. Switch to a zipper foot and begin sewing one half of the zipper in place, beginning with a back stitch. Sew as close to the zipper teeth as you can. Once you reach the zipper, place your needle in the fabric and lift the foot. Pull your zipper closed and drop the foot to resume sewing. Sew all the way down the zipper, turn the bottom corners and sew back up the other side of the sipper. Move the zipper again when you come to it. Back stitch at the end to secure your stitch.

Rip out the wide stitches that are sealing in the zipper and test it out!

DIY Suede Throw Pillows | Minted Bold

Open your zipper all the way and continue sewing the three remaining sides with ½” seams. To get crisp corners, turn the corners with your needle in the fabric and the foot up. Once you’ve sewed all four sides, trim the corners at an angle getting as close to the stitches as possible.

DIY Suede Throw Pillows | Minted Bold

Flip right-side out and stuff your pillow form inside!

DIY Suede Throw Pillows | Minted Bold

I love how soft these pillows are and will definitely be making more (bigger) ones! Style on your bed or couch for a cozy reading spot.

DIY Suede Throw Pillows | Minted Bold

What do you think about suede? I really like it for these pillows but i’m not sure what to make with my extra fabric. Let me know any suggestions you have!

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