DIY Leather Strap Mirror

Happy Wednesday! Sorry I skipped posting on Friday – my first missed post this year (I think?), but I will make up for it with an extra post in the future. This weekend I was inspired to create my own hanging mirror based on the popular leather strap mirrors at practically every home store and on Pinterest. This DIY was very simple and cost less than $10! This project can also be easily customized to fit your style.

DIY Leather Strap Circle Mirror | Minted Bold

You will need:

Remove the center embroidery hoop and stain with your desired wood stain or leave bare. Once your stain is dry, glue the hoop to the mirror. Allow glue to get slightly tacky before wiping away excess. I used nail polish remover and a Q-tip to remove glue from the mirror side and a craft stick for the back side. Allow glue to dry over night. I placed my mirror upside down and used soup can to help press the mirror to the hoop.

This DIY wood and leather mirror is simple and chic!

Attach your strap with glue halfway down the mirror on each side. Use clips to secure in place and allow to dry over night. That’s it!

This DIY wood and leather mirror is simple and chic! | Minted Bold

I told you, this was seriously easy. You can also make the wood ring thicker by stacking two hoops together. I think this DIY is a no-brainer, especially when these mirrors go for $60+ for something so simple! You can also paint your hoop a fun bright color or use a fun color for your strap.

If you make this, share with me on Instagram! Tag me @MintedBold

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