March Skill: Bread Making!

Can you believe we’re halfway through March already? February went by so fast and now March is too. This month I didn’t wait until the last day to complete my “learn a new skill” goal. Last weekend Steven (boyfriend), his sister, her boyfriend and I took a bread making class with Sour Flour at La Victoria in San Francisco. It was a great class and I highly recommend it for anyone vaguely interested in bread making, baking or just cooking.

Learning to bake bread! Check out the recap on Minted Bold

We learned about how sourdough is made and made our own sourdough flat bread. We also got to take home some starter (the wild yeast and flour combination needed to bake sourdough bread) so that we can cake bread on our own.

I’ve never baked bread before so all of the terminology and techniques were new to me, but it was still easy to follow along and understand. Our instructor Cat was great at explaining everything and made the class very fun. I plan on trying to bake a loaf of sourdough soon and maybe pick up some of my favorite Cowgirl Creamery cheese to go with it.

Learning to bake bread! Check out the recap on Minted Bold
Our balls of dough ready for their second rest

Because the class was only 2 hours, we didn’t have the time necessary to make a full loaf of bread so we made flatbread instead. I added sesame seeds, poppy seeds and salt to my bread to give it a little more crunch.

Learning to bake bread! Check out the recap on Minted Bold

Do you bake your own sourdough bread? What’s your favorite recipe for a no-knead loaf? Let me know so I can try it out!

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