I learned to code!

For my new skill for February, I kind of waited until the last minute….literally. Last night I finally took the Brit+Co coding class that I had been planning on taking for a few months. In an hour I learned how to create my own web-page using basic HTML and CSS, and it was much easier than I expected!

Here’s a look at the page I built:

I took the Brit + Co coding class, and I loved it!

 Learning HTML and CSS has been on my bucket list of skills to learn for a while now, so I am really glad to check them off my list. But now, I’m hooked and I might have to take the next level class: building a website. This blog is currently using a template from WordPress, but I’d love to one day build my own site!

The HTML + CSS class from Brit+Co is $39, which to me is a bit pricey,  but the simple instructions and fun instructor are well worth it. I’m sure you could learn these same basics for free somewhere, but this class takes away any confusion or headache doing it on your own might cause. And no, this isn’t sponsored, I wish it was! 

I took the Brit + Co coding class, and I loved it!

If you’ve built your own site using HTML + CSS, let me know! I want to pick your brain. 

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