DIY Daisy Coaster Perfect for Spring! | Minted Bold

DIY Spring Coasters

Happy Spring! If you follow my blog, you’ll know I am obsessed with making epoxy resin coasters. I love finding pretty things to make coasters out of and these spring daisy coasters are super cute. These also have a fun retro vibe which I love!

This DIY daisy coaster is perfect for spring! | Minted Bold

You will need:

Mix your epoxy resin following the directions on the bottle. This video tutorial is a great start if you’re unsure about mixing the resin. Place your mold on a flat surface and pour a thin layer of resin into your mold. Lightly heat to remove air bubbles. Cut the daisy trim into individual flowers and add to the resin. Add more resin to cover the daisies until you have reached your desired thickness. Heat again until air bubbles are gone. Cover the mold with a piece of paper or cloth to prevent dust from settling on the wet resin. Allow to cure for 24 hours. I made my coasters about ¼ inch thick.

DIY Daisy Coaster Perfect for Spring! | Minted Bold

What do you think?! I can’t wait to use these cuties for a fun spring get together.

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