Rosemary Moscow Mule Recipe | Minted Bold

Favorite Moscow Mule Recipe

I love Moscow Mules – they are so refreshing and perfect for every season. This is also the perfect cocktail to whip up for guests since it requires so few ingredients. I’ve put together my favorite ingredients and add-ins for the perfect Moscow Mule.

The basic Moscow Mule Recipe:

Basic Moscow Mule Recipe | Minted Bold

I told you, it’s simple! These ingredients are also easy to keep on hand for an impromptu cocktail night. Vodka and ginger beer can be kept out, and fresh limes will last 1-2 months in the fridge. Now, I’m a light weight so I only use about 1 oz. of vodka, but you can use up to 2 oz. per drink if you prefer it stronger.

Depending on how strong of a ginger flavor you want, you will need to select a different ginger beer. My favorites from lightest to strongest ginger bite:

My favorite ginger beer for a Moscow Mule | Minted Bold

If you prefer a sweeter Moscow Mule, add ½ oz. simple syrup to your drink. You can also make a flavored simple syrup with any flavor add-in you’d like. Just mix equal parts liquid (water + fruit purée) and sugar in a sauce pan, heat until sugar dissolves, let stand for ~30 minutes and chill for 4 hours. Some of my favorite add-ins are Rosemary, blackberry and cranberry.

Rosemary Moscow Mule’s are by far my favorite and enjoy them in the summer as well as in winter. If you don’t have the patience to make a rosemary simple syrup, you can just muddle a sprig of rosemary and add it to your drink!

Rosemary Moscow Mule Recipe | Minted Bold

Do you love Moscow Mules too? What’s your favorite flavor to add to your drink? Let me know so I can try it!

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