Friday Finds: Throw Pillows

Happy May! Get ready for a ton of home decor and DIYs as I get settled in my new space. This month’s Friday Finds is all about throw pillows! After I learned how to sew my own zippered pillow covers, I’ve been scouring the internet for the perfect pillows and fabrics to decorate my new couch with. We have an old IKEA Karlstad couch, but are updating it with a new grey cover and mid-century legs:


I am trying to style my living room with whites, pinks, blues and grays. Here are some inspiration images from my living room Pinterest board:

A few pillows i’ve found that I’d like to recreate:

I especially like the pink striped pillow – it adds some fun color without being obnoxiously girly (in my mind).

I’ve been looking for fabric at my local Joann and online at and but haven’t found anything I love yet.

Where do you buy fabric? If you purchase fabric online, what do you check for to assure yourself it will look and feel how you think it will?

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