Apartment Styling

We’ve begun putting our apartment together and I’ve been having a blast picking out furnishings and decor pieces! I am building a few of our larger items, and my boyfriend already owns a few things so we don’t have a ton to shop for. I am really loving how everything looks together so far but nothing is photo ready yet. Here are the few things we’ve purchased so far for our bedroom and living area:

Ikea Couch Cover


Ikea doesn’t sell this anymore, I had to find mine on Ebay. I love the gray color and the fabric is much softer than the cover that was previously on the couch.

White Area Rug


We have dark floors and we don’t get a lot of sunlight, so I knew I wanted a white rug (even though I know that’s crazy). This rug is SO soft and cozy and hasn’t shed too much.

Photo Frames

We are creating a gallery wall above our couch with some fun art we’ve picked up in San Francisco and found on Etsy. I stumbled across these frames on sale at Michaels one weekend and picked a bunch up. We’re sticking to white, wood and mint frames in various sizes. Check your local ads because I’ve seen them on sale twice now for 70% off!

Bed Frame


My boyfriend already had a bed set but it was old so we got a new one. We decided on this Ikea bed frame with light wood to brighten up the room. Also, don’t be like us and just assume a king bed frame will fit in your car without measuring!

Nate Berkus Sheets


And of course we needed new sheets for our new bed! I’ve had two sets of Nate Berkus sheets already and I loved them so I picked up this pretty peach set for our new bed. These sheets are seriously so soft.

I’ll share more items we purchase as we put everything together. Until then, Happy Friday!

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