DIY Epoxy Pearl Coaster

I am slightly obsessed with making epoxy coasters, and this is by far my favorite I’ve made yet. I love how these pearl coasters turned out, and I successfully removed all the air bubbles this time! Check out my Kate Spade inspired glitter coaster and googly eye Halloween coaster.

You will need:DIY Pearl Coaster | Minted Bold

String beads on the fishing line to create a complete circle around the outside edge of your mold. Once you have a complete circle, double string your line through 4-6 beads to create a stable circle.

Continue making strands of beads in concentric circles. Stop when you cannot make any more circles, you can use loose beads to fill the inside circle instead.

Remove the strands of beads from your mold and prepare your 2-part epoxy according to the instructions.

DIY Pearl Coaster | Minted Bold
On a flat surface, pour a bottom layer of epoxy in your clean mold and remove air bubbles with your heat gun or hair dryer. Lay your strands of beads in the mold and trim any extra fishing line. If needed, use loose beads to fill in the center of your circle. I had to use three loose beads in the center of mine to complete the layout. Make sure you turn the lose beads so the open holes don’t show.

Fill the mold to just above the beads with more epoxy and remove air bubbles. Bubbles will continue to rise from the holes in the beads – I checked back on my coaster after 15 minutes to remove any final bubbles. Cover with a sheet of paper to protect from dust and leave at room-temperature for 24 hours to set.

Once your coaster is set, remove from the mold and enjoy!

DIY Pearl Coaster | Minted Bold

DIY Pearl Coaster | Minted Bold

I love how these turned out! They’re chic and fun and perfect for my girly apartment. You can make these with any color beads and they’d look great.

What do you think about these coasters? What color would you make one in?

DIY Pearl Coaster | Minted Bold


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