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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I was extremely busy the last two months with the holidays, job hunting, traveling, starting a new job(!), seeing friends and everything in between. I’m disappointed I didn’t write anything for an entire month, but I am excited to finally have time to dedicate to writing and creating!


In the spirit of the new year, I have some goals for this blog and my overall creative development for 2018.

  • Actually write 3 blogs /week
  • More of every type of content:
    • 1 Travel blog /month
    • 1 Recipe /month
    • 4 DIY’s /month
    • 4 Life /month
  • Make YouTube Videos – I’ve been telling myself to do this for at least a year, and I just need to jump in and do it already.
  • Learn 1 new skill a month – I loved doing this last year, and I didn’t finish the year out, but I really want to try it again
  • Host a craft night – I already have ideas for this, I just need to find a place to host it
  • Grow my reader and follow base – my dream is to be a blogger full-time. I know there are a million and one blogs out there so I really need to be consistent with my writing and uniquely me to stand out. 2018 is my year.

If you’re interested in my personal goals, you can check them out here. I like to make my personal goals on my birthday, October 5. I would add to my personal list to take more pictures of my friends and family. Looking back, I stopped taking pictures of events and I feel like I am missing out on so many memories.

What are your goals for 2018, either personal or professional?


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