DIY Christmas: Pinwheel Wall

Happy Monday, hope you had a great weekend! I took a mini-vacation last week and am feeling so ready for Christmas now. I’ve been working on all my Christmas content and have another apartment friendly decor idea to share today!

I love the look of pinwheel backdrops, and using them for Christmas decor is the perfect way to add a statement wall to your holiday decor! My favorite way to create a pinwheel wall that will last the season is to hang pinwheels from dowels and Command Hooks.


Start by deciding how many pinwheels you’d like to hang. I used this jumbo set from and another red and green vintage set I had. I used two ½ inch dowels, clear fishing or beading wire and some command hooks to hang the pinwheels. I recommend painting your dowels to match your walls. I painted mine gold, but I would prefer them to blend in more or to have placed them higher on the wall.


You can lay out your pinwheels on the floor to help you decide how you’d like them to hang. Try to layer the larger pinwheels at the back and cover any holes in between as you add more.

That’s it! The Command hooks and dowels will help your pinwheel wall last much longer than taping your pinwheels to the wall like you would for a party.

What do you think about this idea? You can also leave this up for a backdrop for New Year’s Eve!

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