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DIY Christmas: Cone Trees

The Christmas season is officially here and I am so excited to decorate! I will be sharing all of the DIY decor I make, plus they will all be budget and apartment friendly!

I saw these trees at Michaels and knew I could DIY my own for a few dollars each. I tried to copy this glitter tree and this pine cone tree. I don’t recommend making the pine cone tree, it was pretty difficult and time consuming to cut the individual scales and I actually gave up only a quarter of the way in.

DIY Cone Trees | Minted Bold

To make the cones, I marked a quarter circle at the corners of a poster board and cut out. I secured each cone with packaging tape, but you could use a thin layer of hot glue. If you plan on painting the cones, I would use hot glue or tape the cones on the inside (paint doesn’t adhere to glue very well).

DIY Cone Trees | Minted Bold

I decided to stick to a color palette of red, green and gold, and pick a few different styles in each color. Ribbon and glitter can give you great texture and lots of fun options. My favorite tree ended up being made from fake cranberries.

DIY Cone Trees | Minted Bold

I used hot glue to secure the ribbons and cranberries, and Mod Podge for the glitter. You may want to seal your glitter trees with a coat of clear acrylic spray paint to prevent glitter from going everywhere.

DIY Cone Trees | Minted Bold

That’s it! The poster board cost 50¢ to make 4-5 cones, and the decor cost $4-$6 per cone.

If you make your own cone trees, let me know! Tag me on Instagram @mintedbold

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