(Belated) October Friday Finds

I intended to post my Friday Finds for October on time – but I went to Boston for my birthday weekend and I ran out of time. But don’t worry, they’re here now!

Some of my favorite products are (no surprise) from Target, since it is my favorite place to shop.

1. Scalloped Candy Jar


I’ve had my eye on this candy jar from Target, but I recently saw it on someone’s styled bar cart and decided I had to have it. Luckily it was gifted to me for my birthday and I am a very happy about it!

2. Cork World Map


Every city I travel to with my boyfriend, I buy a souvenir lapel pin with the idea in my head of putting them on a map one day. I found this die-cut cork map which is perfect, but possibly too small. I need to look at it in person so I can decide if I want to buy or DIY this one.

3. Gold Measuring Spoons


These spoons launched with the new fall home collection at Target and I fell in love when I saw them in the online lookbook. The measuring cups that pair with them as equally as lovely.

4. Geometric Mirror


This gorgeous mirror gets special mention because I didn’t know I’d love it until it was in my hands. I pinned an image with this mirror in the background because I liked how the copper looked against the mint walls (just like my room). My boyfriend looked through my pins, saw the mirror and decided it was perfect for me and bought it for my birthday. I honestly didn’t even look at the mirror but now that I have it, it’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to hang it in my mint room.

5. Cat Corkscrew


This one comes from my bar cart styling blog. Seriously, how amazing are these? I think I will be treating myself to a set shortly.

What products have you been loving lately?

Look for a new “Friday Finds” the first friday of every month!

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