Get Your Brunch On

I love brunch and I wish I could eat it every day. I always tell people the reason I don’t like eating breakfast is because it can never live up to brunch. But as fun as it is to go out for brunch, it can get pretty expensive. I’ve rounded up a few of my personal favorite recipes for you to whip up for your own stay at home brunch. Mimosas are a must:


Possibly the most delicious quiche I’ve ever had. I don’t love eggs all that much, but this quiche is mostly hashbrowns. I haven’t been able to make it super crispy, but I’ll find a way.


I love Starbucks’ cinnamon coffee cake and i’ve tried many recipes looking for the perfect dupe. If you have leftovers, this is great for breakfast during the week.


The first time I made this, it turned out great. The second time, not so much. Still, it was so good the first time I had to include it here. Perfect for a one bowl brunch.


If you’re feeling really brunchy, a smoked salmon benedict is the way to go. I haven’t perfected the poached egg just yet, but that’s all part of the fun!

What’s your favorite brunch to make at home?

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