2019 Year in Review

Happy 2020!

I’m a little late to the party, but before I start writing posts for the year, I want to share a recap of some of my favorite (and one least favorite) memories from 2019.

I was really bad at blogging this year, so most of these didn’t make it into a blog post. If you don’t yet, follow me on Instagram @Mintedbold to see more of my life that doesn’t make it to the blog.


  • I went to Vegas for the first time (as an adult) with a group of friends for someone’s 30th birthday. It was fun, but I am such a homebody, I don’t need to go again any time soon.


  • I made the most amazing photo booth for my brother’s 30th birthday party. I hand-drew this background with a gold paint pen and a $10 roll of black paper. IMG_6922


  • We threw my mom a wonderful 60th birthday party with lots of family and friends.
  • Steven and I went to Japan! I’ve always wanted to go, and we had an amazing time. We had pretty good timing and got to see the cherry blossom in bloom in Kyoto. We spent a week in Tokyo and a few days in Kyoto & Osaka.


  • We moved apartments (just a different building than we were in). I hunted for months to get a unit with amazing sunlight, and all my research was so worth it.



  • I made a bunch of content that I never finished. I’ll speak to this more when I go through my goals for 2020, but I want to finish projects I’ve already started and focus more on progress instead of perfection.
  • We were supposed to go to Spain, but had some passport issues and ended up going to Catalina instead. This was our first time on Catalina and it was really fun. I wouldn’t suggest going there longer than two nights cause there isn’t a ton to do.



  • Had lots of fun with friends. We went to a Giant’s game, went to Tahoe with my family and spent a day wine tasting with one of my best friends.


  • My least favorite memory – I was in a car accident and my car was totaled. It wasn’t my fault, and I wasn’t injured, but it was a lot to deal with. One of the other people involved was seriously injured and it was scary to see someone else hurt. I ended up dealing with this for the rest of the year – insurance, car shopping, etc.
  • I worked hard. My goal for 2019 was to have a better work/life balance after I burned myself out in 2018. I think I succeeded in doing this in 2019. I Just hit two years at my job in December.



  • I threw a party for Steven’s 30th Birthday! I cooked a bunch, not everything went as planned (the sprinklers turned on 5 minutes before the party and soaked all of the chairs and tables I had set up in the yard), but it was a lot of fun anyway.
  • We went to Germany! Steven had to go to Berlin for work, so I joined him and we made a trip out of it. We also went to Munich for Oktoberfest (amazing & massive), and we went to the German alps and saw some castles.



  • I turned 28! We didn’t do much this year since we returned from Germany the day before my birthday. We just had a nice dinner with my siblings.
  • I tried to do lots of fall/Halloween things. We went to a local corn maze and ate pumpkin ice cream.
  • Participated in the One Room Challenge and decorated my bedroom. I love how it turned out even though I didn’t finish everything I wanted to do. I will definitely be participating in the next challenge in the Spring.



  • I went Car shopping a lot. I initially wanted to buy a certified pre-owned car and wanted a very specific car (a white Subaru Forester with light leather interior). I had a really hard time finding what I wanted and ended up going to six dealerships over five weekends.
  • In December, I finally bought a car – a 2020 white Subaru Forester. Buying new ended up being only slightly more than buying pre-owned. I can write up a blog about my car shopping experience now that I’ve done it twice in three years, leave a comment below if you want a post on that.


  • Celebrated the holidays with my friends and family. Steven and I hosted our third annual Friendsmas at our apartment. Every year we see how many friends we can squeeze into our place – this year we fit 18 people.
  • We ended the year with a quick trip to Yosemite. It was just beautiful and reminded me that I want to spend more time in nature in 2020.

There were lots of other great moments throughout the year, and i’m looking forward to another year of fun and adventure. Keep an eye out for my 2020 goals (not resolutions)!

Happy New Year!

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