Apartment Living Room Makeover

It’s time for a living room makeover! We spend so much time in our living room, and it’s just been a pile of boxes and things that don’t quite have a home for the past 6 months. I’m not saying I was able to get rid of everything that didn’t belong, but I’m excited to share the progress I’ve made so far in finally updating the space.

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Even though I made pretty simple changes, I am really happy with where the room is now. Let’s look back at how it started.


Living Room Makeover | Minted BoldIMG_5278

Before: It’s a good-sized room, and I kept all the furniture we’ve had for the last 2 years. But, I let this room pile up with all the things that didn’t have a home or items we planned to give to Goodwill and just hadn’t brought in yet. It was like this for a few months before I eventually donated some of the bags of clothes and broke down a few boxes.

The Plan: I went back and forth between shelves and a gallery wall above the TV, but ultimately decided on shelves so they could be functional for decoration. I also had no clue how to include such a giant TV with a gallery wall without getting equally large ($$$) frames to balance it out.

I also needed to provide my cat with some areas to sleep and play in the room. I looked all over for *pretty* cat scratching posts that were also tall so he could climb them, but they all ended up being more than I wanted to spend & ugly things covered in carpet. I’m not saying what I picked is the best option out there, but he likes it and I don’t hate it.


Cat Corner(s): My original plan was to turn the corner of the room next to the TV into Ollie’s corner with a bed and post. Once I decided I wanted to put shelves up behind the TV though, I knew a cat post and shelves on one wall would be trouble. My goal in life is that he never realizes he can jump up on them and knock all my things off. So the back corner of the room became his spot for all his toys and scratching post. I picked this wall-mounted unit from Amazon because it was relatively inexpensive while still giving me the height I wanted to provide for Ollie. He also has a bed on one of the recliners, along with another hand-me-down post from my parents. There’s no good way to conceal his stuff, but by putting it in one area of the room at least clears up the rest of the space.


TV Wall: I didn’t want to get rid of any furniture we already had in order to make this room work, which meant our giant TV and console would be staying in the room. Since those two things are such big and dark objects, the empty wall above the TV was super jarring. I decided on off-centered shelves to hold art and decor pieces I’ve been collecting over the years. Now I’m no shelf stylist (yet!) but I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. I got the brackets from Etsy and just cut down a 1″x6″ board from Homedepot for the shelves. I didn’t stain them, I just added a matte polycrylic seal to protect the wood from stains or water rings.

Now, it’s not finished yet, but here’s where I’m at so far


DSC_9609Apartment Living Room | Minted BoldDSC_9616DSC_9643DIY Coffee Table | Minted Bold

If you’re interested in my mini-makeover for my coffee table, check out the blog here.

What do you think of the transformation so far? Do you hate the wall-mounted cat post? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram @Mintedbold.

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