One Room Challenge | Week 6: Bedroom

Week six of the One Room Challenge is here! I didn’t finish, but I am happy with how far i’ve come. Before I started, I thought six weeks was plenty of time, and there was no way I wouldn’t finish in time. I think if I hadn’t been out of town for two of the six weekends, I could have got it done. Check back in a few weeks and hopefully, I’ll have it finished.

Let’s take a look back at how far the room has come:

DSC_0224 2

DSC_0227 2

The room is a pretty typical apartment bedroom – white walls, no overhead lights, mirrored closets. I am lucky to have our patio door connected to the room so we get a ton of natural sunlight. During the summer we were getting woken up every morning from the sun, so I put up blackout curtains. They fell off the wall halfway through the makeover though. Now that it’s fall we don’t get blinded by the sun, so I ended up not putting them back up, and I like how the room looks without them much more.


And here’s where the room is now:






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Bed Frame | Wallpaper | Lamp | Dresser | Duvet

I LOVE how it looks and feels now, but I know the final touches will make it so much better. Here’s what’s still left on my to-do list:

  • Bedside wall scones – New frosted lightbulbs & actually hang the second one
  • Art above the bed – I have the frame, but haven’t picked what to print yet
  • Dresser – I tried for six weeks to find the perfect second-hand dresser and this is what I ended up with. I don’t love it, so I will probably change it at some point. It’s way too big for the space, but it will do for now.
  • Dresser wall – Everything about this wall was thrown together at the last minute. Once I get a new dresser I’ll re-do the wall.

If you have any ideas for art to go above the bed, send your links my way!

I highly recommend you join the next challenge in the spring if you’ve been inspired by my transformation. It was a great challenge, and I discovered so many new blogs to follow. Check out all the amazing other participant’s projects here.

Thank you for following my journey, and stick around for more home decor projects. I still have a few other rooms in my apartment to makeover.



  1. I like everything you’ve done! The colors are great. I like that you added the hats. Love x3 the nightstand..Like all the the different textures too…Especially the overhead light shade! Great job..I think any art you use should reflect you! Your love of travel etc.


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