One Room Challange | Week 4: Bedroom

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I am so excited to share my progress after last week’s fail.

Here was my updated room design from last week:


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I decided to go with a sage green wall behind the bed and it turned out even better than I thought. I like how the bed really pops against it. Since I’m in a rental, I didn’t want to paint so I used peel and stick paint. It’s essentially the same as peel and stick wallpaper but it crinkles easier so it’s more noticeable if you get a crease in it.



It was pretty easy to put up, I did this whole room by myself in one night after work. I didn’t even move the bed, I just tucked an extra inch or so behind the bed to make it look like the whole wall is covered. I also used this in my entryway, and it’s held up really well there.

I also hung this Ikea lamp over the bed. It’s the perfect size for the room and also goes really well with the wall color and bed frame. I used a ceiling hook into a stud to hang it, and a command hook against the wall to keep the cord from drooping.


Lastly, I changed out my duvet for a white one from Amazon. I wouldn’t say I love the feel of this duvet, but it was pretty affordable for a king size and that’s all I was going for at this point.

That’s it! I really did most of this in two days, just deciding what I wanted and ordering everything took longer.

My goals for next week are to tackle the wall across from the bed and find a dresser. I’ve been scouring Craig’s list with no luck (or replies), so I’m going to have to head to the thrift stores.

Hopefully, I’ll have another exciting update for you next week before the big reveal in two weeks (November 7).

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