One Room Challenge | Week 3: Bedroom

Happy Thursday! It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge already and I feel so behind. This week was filled with indecision, lots of measuring and some failure.

Let’s start with the failure — my blackout curtains fell off the wall. I didn’t hit a stud with the screws, so I took them out and put in wall plugs. Guess what. Those ripped out of the wall too. Now I have to patch the holes and find a stud like I should have done the first time.

I have been going back on forth on what I want to do with the wallpaper – thank you to those who voted in my IG stories poll. While I really like the two winners, I can’t envision the room with a patterned wall. There would be too much going on with the dark curtains and bamboo lamp. I am thinking about going with a solid green wallpaper instead. Here’s my updated room plan:


I do have a few small wins this week though. I started making my DIY wall sconces and they look really good. I should have them done next week and will share how to make them then. I also found a dresser on Craigslist that I can hopefully get for the wall across from my bed.

Week 4 should be a good one!

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  1. IMHO if you switch out the two large brown pillows for two black ones, I think the room will be more cohesive. Just a thought. Love it so far.


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