DIY Fringe Chandelier

I hope national craft month is going great for you and that you’re finding a way to be creative every day. I am super excited to share this DIY with you, and if you saw my Instagram story a few weeks back then you saw a sneak peek of the finished project.

I saw one of my favorite DIY bloggers, Kelly, mention in her IG story a few months ago that she was going to DIY a fringe lamp. I loved the idea but I didn’t want to copy whatever she did so I pulled together my own ideas before she could post her DIY. If you want to see her version, she posted it this week!

And here is my beauty:


I am really happy with how it turned out and my boyfriend is surprisingly happy with it too! I would change a few things about how I made it, and I’ll add those notes while I explain.

You will need:

*I would suggest using an old lamp shade for your largest hoop that has a piece that your lantern cable can attach to. It will just make hanging your lantern level much easier. I used a hoop and attached my lantern cable to the chain but I did have a hard time getting the lamp perfectly level.

**Embroidery hoops and brass hoops are measured by the diameter, so you’ll need to do a little math to find the circumference. Just add up your three hoop diameters and multiply by 3.14. My hoops were 10″, 8″ & 6″, so I ended up needing about 75″ and I bought 2.25 yards of fringe.


Start by attaching your hoops/rings to each other. My fringe was 4 iches long, so I wanted my layers to hang 3 inches apart. I attached each hoop to each other in 3 places and measured each one as I went.


Separate three to four 8″ lengths of chain and attach to your largest hoop. Hot glue the chain evenly spaced around the hoop so they don’t move when you hang your lamp. Meet the chains together and link to your remaining chain. This is how you will hang your chandelier.


Hot glue your fringe onto your rings. Your fringe should have a thread along the middle or the bottom that is holding it together, do not remove this just yet. Glue your gold trim to your largest hoop.



Attach your lantern cable to your chain by opening a few chain links and weaving it through. If you used a lampshade, attach your light to the holding piece.

Hang and enjoy!



Would you make this chandelier? Tag me @Mintedbold on Instagram if you do!

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