Must-Have DIY Supplies

It’s national craft month! I have been bad about writing blog posts & crafting the last few months but I wanted to kick this month off with a bang. I have been working on some great projects and I am so excited to share them with you soon.

Until then, I wanted to help get you started on your own creative journey! I’ve rounded up my favorite DIY supplies and specialty tools to get you crafting this month.


Basic supplies:

  • Hot Glue Gun – You don’t need anything fancy, but I wouldn’t recommend picking up the cheapest gun you can find either.
  • Mod Podge – Mod Podge is great for all kinds of crafts, from glittering to decoupage.
  • E6000My favorite glue! Adheres just about anything when you need a permanent bond. When you can’t trust hot glue, trust E6000.
  • Paint – Just find some colors that you like and think you’ll use a lot. You can also get primary colors and mix your own colors.
  • Paint Brush SetA good paintbrush set that isn’t going to shed is important.
  • Scissors – A good, sharp pair of scissors is a must


Sewing: If you are interested in sewing, even basic hand sewing, this is a great place to start. I’ve only started really sewing in the last year or so, and these basics have been just what I need.

  • Straight Pins You don’t need anything fancy, just a set of pins to help keep your fabric secured.
  • Fabric Scissors – Get a good pair of fabric scissors and only use them for fabric.
  • IronThis is a little more costly than your other supplies but definitely worth it. If you don’t plan on getting a sewing machine, you can still make a ton of things with an iron with iron-tape.
  • Iron-On AdhesiveUse with an iron to hem and bind fabric together.
  • NeedlesFor hand sewing and finishing projects you make with your sewing machine
  • Thread – Invest in some different colors of thread for your machine or hand sewing. I use Mettler thread for my sewing machine.
  • Rotary Cutter More useful if you are sewing with a machine, but great for making long cuts. You’ll need a self-healing cutting mat with this.


Specialty Tools:

  • Etching PenThis tool allows you to etch on glass without using chemical etching cream.
  • Heat GunUse this tool for embossing but also for removing air bubbles from epoxy.
  • Exacto Blades – These can be used for so many projects. Find yourself a good set and take care of the blades.

What are your favorite craft tools? I hope this inspired you to get crafty & creative!

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