DIY Coffee Table | Minted Bold

DIY Coffee Table

I’m back with the second project for my DIY furniture series! This DIY coffee table is really easy and doesn’t require any special tools other than a power drill.

DIY Coffee Table | Minted Bold

The main part of this table is a 3′ plywood round I picked up from my local hardware store. Home Depot offers a similar wood round, but with a rounded edge.

Because the wood round I selected had a flat edge, I added an iron-on wood veneer to finish the edge. Carefully trim the excess edging with a craft knife or box cutter.

DIY Coffee Table | Minted Bold

I sanded the wood with a 220 grit sandpaper and stained my table with two coats of Minwax Wood Finish and four coats of Minwax Polyurethane. I only did two coats of Polyurethane for my other furniture, but decided to do four on the coffee table to provide extra protection from everyday use. Follow the directions for your stain and polyurethane sealer. Don’t skimp on drying time or sanding between coats of polyurethane. I was very careful with sanding my table top to assure it would be as smooth as possible.

I picked up four  18″ hairpin legs from Etsy and attached them to the table with ¾” screws and washers.

DIY Coffee Table | Minted Bold

That’s it! I told you, this was a really simple project. Waiting for drying time between stains and polyurethane coats does make this project take a bit longer, but it’s still very easy. The table cost about $80 to build because I used the same stain and polyurethane as I had used on my other projects.

DIY Coffee Table | Minted Bold

What do you think?! Will you be attempting to make your own coffee table or round dinner table?

DIY Coffee Table | Minted Bold

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