Friday Finds: DIY Living Room

Happy February, we’re already one month in to 2017!

I’m changing up my ‘Friday Finds’ post this month. Instead of sharing my favorite shopping finds, i’m sharing my favorite DIY finds! I will be moving in a few months, so these are all living room focused DIYs. Enjoy!

Tufted Ikea Couch


This DIY turns a boring IKEA couch into a gorgeous expensive looking piece of furniture. I will be acquiring an IKEA couch similar to this one and I can’t wait to tuft it!

Modern IKEA Couch Legs


Now, I can’t have a pretty tufted couch with plain IKEA legs! These legs fit perfectly on IKEA couches. I will have to see the space I get before I decide which legs I want.

Velvet Throw Pillow


I think blush and white throw pillows will go great with my tufted gray couch. I am going to try to DIY this pillow instead of buying this exact one from Target, but this is the simple look I will be shooting for.

DIY Wood Slab Coffee Table


I don’t totally love this look just yet, but my boyfriend does, so I am looking into making our own DIY wood slab coffee table. I have all the tools, just not the wood (or space) for it just yet.

DIY Copper Floor Lamp


You’ve likely seen this DIY lamp on Pinterest before, and I can’t wait to build my own. I really like the look of copper, and I think this lamp will go great with my gray couch.

Have you made any furniture for your home or apartment? Share your favorite with me!


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