DIY Cribbage Board

Happy New Year! One of my resolutions this year is to blog more. In order to blog more, I also want to create more! Learning new skills will be a big focus this year and I can’t wait to share what I learn!

For Christmas I made my parents a cribbage board out of a plank of wood from Michaels and a LOT of measuring and drilling. I personalized it by wood burning their name onto it with a wood burning pen.


This was a simple gift, it just took a while to measure and drill. I eye-balled the distance on a cribbage board then marked my holes starting with the finish. I measured 1/2 an inch between the two rows and left 1/4 an inch between each hole. For the turns I measured the middle then added marks accordingly. I drilled the holes with a drill press and a 1/8 inch bit.

After I drilled all the holes, I sanded the wood to remove the pencil marks and smooth out the surface. I could have stained or waxed the wood but I chose not to.


I used a wood burning pen set to personalize the board with their name and wrapped it up! I purchased some standard pegs on Amazon and that’s it!

This was a really easy first word working project, and my parents love it. Have you wanted to make anything simple out of wood?  Let me know and maybe i’ll try it too!


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