DIY Painted Pouches: Minted Bold

DIY Gift: Painted Pouch

Happy (almost) Christmas! December has flown by this year and I truly can’t believe it’s December 21st already! I’ve been busy making lots of gifts for my friends and family. I could just as easily have bought the things I made, but it was more fun for me to make them. I made these painted pouches for my coworkers and some friends as a small gift.

DIY Painted Pouches: Minted Bold

I bought the bags on Amazon in a 4-pack for $10. I painted my designs with acrylic paint, left out to dry for 24+ hours, then lightly ironed. I haven’t tested to see if they are water proof, but if you are worried about it, I would use fabric paint just to be safe.

I am filling the bags with a little stuffing and a box of candy! I love this gift as somehting small for friends, or even as a DIY you can do at a party.

Show me your pictures if you make a painted pouch on Instagram!

DIY Painted Pouches: Minted Bold

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