Berlin 2019 Trip

Riding through the Tiergarten on a Lime scooter to see the Brandenburg Gate

Since we can’t travel anymore and it has been almost a whole year since my trip to Berlin, I thought I would finally write a blog about my trip. I joined my boyfriend for the second half of a business trip and spent 4 nights in Berlin before heading on to Munich (another post).

We stayed at Hotel am Steinplatz which was gorgeous, but not very close to the city center or any of the spots we wanted to see. I didn’t do much research about Berlin before going, so we ended up just wandering around most of the time.

The beautiful Berlin Cathedral

Some of my favorite things we did:

Scooter around town This was my first time using an electric scooter, and they were so much fun! They were everywhere around Berlin and made it super easy to explore the city. I loved riding through the Tiergarten and to all the historical sites in Berlin. My only complaint was that riding on the cobblestone was a little uncomfortable. A great way to see the city with less walking. 

Berlin Cathedral We randomly walked to the cathedral one day while we were out exploring and decided to go in and walk up to the top of the dome. The interior was stunning, and the views from the top of the dome were amazing.

Inside of the Berlin Cathedral
View of Berlin from a WeWork office. Berlin Cathedral in the distance.
Delicious Currywurst with fries from Curry36

Curry36 Our hotel happened to be near a Curry36 and everytime we walked by, there were people lined up. We tried the currywurst with fries, and it was one of my favorite meals from our entire trip. I regret not having it again because I still drool thinking about it. Currywurst is pork sausage with a curry ketchup, topped with curry powder. If you are in Berlin, definitely stop to try a currywurst here.

Clubs I am not someone who enjoys going out to clubs anymore, but since we were in Berlin I agreed to stay up late and dance the night away. Our third night we went to Tresor, a club in the basement of an old heating plant, and on our last night we went to Watergate, a waterfront club with a floating terrace. I did like that we didn’t have to get dressed up to go clubbing – my black jeans and Nike’s were the perfect outfit. 

Have you been to Berlin? What was your favorite experience?

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