Fabric Collection + Sewing Ideas

If you’re a crafty person like me, you’re probably also slightly a hoarder. I hoard collect a lot of supplies for projects if I get inspired when I see them, and I am the worst (best?) at collecting fabric.

I can’t stop myself when I see a beautiful or fun fabric at the store, especially if it’s on sale! Over the years I’ve collected a lot of fabric that I’ve never used or that i’ve started projects with, but never finished. One of my goals this year is to put a dent in that collection, and I am making March my sewing month.

To get started I wanted to go through all the fabrics I have and think up ideas for what to make with each one. I am hoping to complete four projects by the end of March. Here are some of my favorites:

Faux Shearling

Shearling (1)

I only have about half a yard of this cream faux shearling, so I’ll have to make a small project with it. I originally bought it to add to a denim jacket, but I don’t want to add it to my current jacket – I’ll have to thrift one for this purpose. Otherwise, I also like the idea of making a scrunchie with it. This Anthropologie Bag is interesting, but It’s definitely my least favorite of the three.

Faux Leather


This is actually automotive leather I found years ago, and it feels like good quality. I have about a yard of it which should be enough to do several small projects. I really want to recreate the DIY Gucci bag that WithWendy made, as well as some leather & vinyl bags.

Blue Velvet


This Blue velvet feels so luxurious. It’s not super thick, but it’s also not your basic cheap velvet. I have a little over a yard of this, and I’ve already made a round tufted couch pillow with this and have plenty left over. I’d like to make a wrap top and a “quilted” bag if I have enough leftover. I don’t usually like wrap-style tops, but I think this fabric really calls for that style.

Clear Vinyl

Vinyl (1)

This thick clear vinyl is also perfect for making bags with. I have half a yard but I think it’s enough to make one or two small projects. I really like the idea of combining it with the leather to create some see-thru bags. I also like the idea of using a more delicate fabric as an inside lining, so you can see the fabric but it won’t get ruined.

Black Crinkle Charmeuse

Black Crinkle Charmeuse

I have exactly one yard of this which I think is just enough to make a 90s inspired slip dress. I’m not one for dresses, but I think that would be the perfect use for this fabric. Hopefully I can make a dress from just 1 yard!

I have a lot more fabrics, but these are my favorites that I’ll probably end up using for my March sewing challenge. Let me know which of these projects are your favorite!

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