New Plant Mom Journey

I’ve been wanting to get indoor plants for my apartments for a few years now, but like all things, I procrastinate. I’ve had a small collection of pots for the past year, and even bought a soil a few months ago. Well, I finally bought some plants, and I’m ready to start my plant-mom journey.

If you have a pet, make sure you do your research before bringing any plants into your home or yard. The ASPCA has a list of toxic and non-toxic plants to help you keep your furbabies safe. Popular plants like monstera,cfiddle-leaf fig, snake plant, and pothos are all toxic to cats.

Here are my new plant babies:


I went to a local nursery for all of these plants after finding it difficult to find any cat-safe plants at the big box home improvement stores. I wanted a variety of plants, some they would grow big, some small, and definitely a palm. I ended up picking out: Maidenhair Fern, Polka Dot Plant, Spider Plant, and Areca Palm.

Although these plants are all non-toxic, I will be keeping this away on shelves so Ollie doesn’t try to eat them (he bite off a frond from the Maidenhair within 2 minutes). Hopefully, they get enough light on the shelves.

Since I don’t have any experience with growing plants, I am not going to pretend to give you advice. Instead, I will be following the advice of plant bloggers like House Plant Journal, Urban Jungle Bloggers, and Clever Bloom. Drop your favorite plant blogs below!

I’ll try to post progress photos every few months of my plant babies so I can watch them grow. Here they are on Day 0 at their new home:

Maidenhair Fern


Polka Dot Plant


Areca Palm


Spider Plant


Share your favorite cat-friendly indoor plant below!

  1. Try some plant subscription boxes! A lot of them have pet friendly plants you can try out monthly! Such a fun and easy way to grow your plant collection! I reviewed my favorites on my blog abundance mindset mama if you are interested!


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