Rental Revamp: Basic Kitchen

It’s time to start working on the next room in my rental – the kitchen! Our rental unit is pretty new (only 8 years old), so the kitchen is nice, just boring. I have a few ideas to add some personality to the space, and some storage needs to figure out.


So here’s the plan:

  • Make chair covers so I can stop using blankets to conceal my cute chairs from my cat. Ollie loves to scratch my chairs, so I keep them hidden at all times, which is sad cause they are so cute!
  • Add shelving to the island wall to hold wine and cocktail glasses. I have two boxes on the counter with a set of vintage and crystal glasses that I’d like to display, but have nowhere to put them. I’d also like to get a handing wine rack so I can put away the drying rack I’m currently using.
  • Add faux tile to the island wall and behind the stove. I think this will help add some personality, see the gorgeous inspo below.
  • Find a tray to corral my sink supplies to they aren’t just lined up on the counter.


Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 9.10.49 PM

Liz Kamarul @liz_kamarul

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 9.52.21 PM

Zenia @styleitprettyhome

I might put up the same peel-n-stick paint on the island wall that I put up in the bedroom, but i’m not sure if that’s too matchy, since it’s also in the hallway that’s right next to the kitchen. Let me know what you think!



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