Rental Revamp: Entryway Mood Board

I am so excited to get started on decorating my new apartment, and can’t wait to make all the ideas in my mind come to life. I have a full slate of mood boards, DIYs, and design reveals planned for the next few months and I hope you’re as excited as I am.

We’re starting off the design process with my entryway – which is really just a skinny hallway. And when I say excited, I mean wayyy too eager. I actually started designing this space before I moved in last weekend and got to actually see the space. (I even wrote this whole post before seeing it!) Which was a great idea in theory, except that the floorplan is slightly different than how my apartment is laid out.

The original floorplan:


I had envisioned this gorgeous entryway with a little bench and brick wallpaper. But it turns out I don’t have the hall you see highlighted above. Here’s my edited floorplan:


So it’s still a hallway, it’s just much harder to make it a dedicated space. On the positive side, we have an extra closet we didn’t expect which is always amazing.

I’m still going to share my original plan for the hallway nook because I really loved it and i’m not sure I love my new plan as much.


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Bench | Art | Rug | Mirror | Cabinet

The brick wallpaper just doesn’t feel right anymore on either of the wall options I have since it would either be a random floating “brick” wall, or it would have to be cut somewhere weird since the other wall extends all the way into the living area.

The only wall that feels right to put furniture on is the one with the closet, which is only 41″ long! So my plan is to keep things really simple and soft since it’s such a small space:


Ikea Bench | Removeable Wallpaper | Rug

If you’re standing in the hall looking toward the living room, the left wall will have half a wall of green wallpaper. A picture ledge will cut the wallpaper off and I’ll feature some natural art prints. On the right side, I’ll have a shoe cabinet/bench from IKEA. I’ll add a wood top with matching stain to the picture ledge to give it more warmth. A velvet pillow and mirror will finish that space and a natural fiber rug will ground the space and stop dirt from making it in the house. A natural rug is also good for my kitty to scratch on since I’ve decided to just give in and buy things he can scratch and I don’t care.

What do you think? I can’t wait to bring this to life! Hopefully, I’ll have this put together by next friday.

Let me know which design you prefer in the comments.

Entryway Design | Minted Bold

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