Friday Finds October.13

It’s Friday! Please excuse my absence for the last few weeks. Trying to write weekly blog posts on top of working full-time, crafting projects and just being an adult is pretty hard. But I am back to it and have the next month of posts planned out!

First, I need to start this weeks Friday finds on a more serious note. Northern California, and specifically Napa and Sonoma county, has experienced the worst week of fires, with over 3,500 homes and structures burned, hundreds missing and a rising death toll. The images and stories coming out of the area are devastating. If you are able to help in any way, please check out this page with ways to donate and help the victims.


And now the fun things:


Summer is over, but I want this rounded off-the-shoulder top.

My couch needs a velvet pillow for fall, I just need to find the right velvet.

Taco Bell and Forever 21 teamed up to create a line of clothes and accessories.

I need to add eucalyptus to my house after seeing this fall decor.

Have a good weekend!

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