Blog Love: Sewing Bloggers

Ever since I started my sewing journey last year, I’ve been pulling inspiration and tips from different blogs to help me learn and grow. I wanted to shout out a few of my favorite blogs & YouTube channels that I love reading and watching!


A Pair & A Spare

I love the simple outfits that are shared on A Pair & A Spare! I have used their pattern for shorts and plan to do a few skirts too. I was so scared to make something without a pattern at first, but their instructions are so simple it makes it completely doable.

With Wendy

When I found With Wendy, I just binge watched all of her videos over a weekend. Her projects are gorgeous and her voice is so soothing! (I can’t be the only weirdo who thinks that, right?) Her videos clearly show how to work through various projects and her getting started videos are so helpful.

Self Assembly Required

I found Self Assembly Required after I became interested in sewing and actually selected my first pattern off of one of her projects!

Made Everyday

Dana of Made Everyday is very bubbly and fun to watch. I have followed her tutorials for everything from sewing bias tape, to dying fabric! Her projects look so fun and easy, but I love that she is honest about her fails and mess ups.

What are your favorite sewing bloggers? Let me know so I can check them out!

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