Sewing A Skirt

I’m finally ready to start on my next sewing project! I was a little traumatized after my first shirt, but I am so excited for this next adventure.

I have been wanting to make a midi-skirt for a while so I finally picked a pattern. I have looked at a ton of circle skirt plans on Pinterest, but I wanted to use a pattern for my first one so I know it would look good. I selected the Simplicity 1200 pattern:
For the fabric, I looked at my local Joann fabrics, and online at has a ton of options and I ended up ordering some samples to compare their fabric to the ones in Joann’s. I ordered 3 samples of fabric ($1.50 – $3.00 each) and they were perfect to do some test stitches and to determine the one I liked best.
These three fabrics are (clockwise) Bubble Crepe Solid Rose Quartz, Telio Soleda Crepe Dash Print Ecru, and Poly Crepe Dobby Rose Quartz. I really like the dash print and the second rose quartz. The dash print however is handwash only, and I really wanted a fabric that would work for more everyday. I ended up buying the second rose quartz.
Now while I wait for my fabric to arrive, I am going to read my pattern and collect all the notions! Which fabric is your favorite? If you have any ideas for what I can make with an 8″ fabric square, let me know! I’d love to find another use for these swatches.

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