Round-up: Indoor Herb Gardens

I’ve never been one for gardening, but I have managed to keep five succulents alive for well over a year! I’ve been inspired to look into DIY indoor herb gardens so when the day comes that I have my own kitchen, I can start my own. Here are a few of my favorite indoor herb garden ideas from around the web:



I love this simple DIY “garden” because it would be perfect for an apartment or somewhere you don’t want to drill holes for hanging plants. And of course, that perfect shade of mint!


Another cute idea for an apartment garden! I love that this pail of herbs is mobile and can be moved to the best sun depending on the time of day.

Source: Etsy

Not a DIY (yet) but how cute are these tiny planters? Maybe not ideal for growing larger herbs, but how can you deny these cuties?


This classic wooden window box is perfect for adding rustic style to your kitchen.


Of course, I can’t forget a classic terracotta set of herbs. I love that each pot has it’s own style.

Do you have an indoor herb garden? Which herbs are your must-haves? Let me  know with a comment!

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