January New Skill: Glass Blowing

One of my resolutions this year was to learn a new skill or take a class each month. I kicked off my challenge with a glass blowing class in January!

My boyfriend and I took a glass blowing class at the Bay Area Glass Institute in San Jose, CA. The instructors at BAGI were very friendly and full of information. They handled all of the kilns while we got to blow and roll out the glass. It was a blast and I caught it all on my Snap spectacles. Take a look at the glass blowing process from my perspective:

And here is my bowl!


If you’re interested, I highly recommend taking a glass blowing class. It was a bit pricey for a 2 hour time slot, but as an experience, it was absolutely worth it. Check discount sites for local classes, we found our class through Groupon.

What’s a skill you’re interested in learning? Let me know so I can try it too!

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