Travel Top 5: Iceland

Travel Top 5: Iceland

Happy Friday!

I’m kicking off a new travel series with my favorite place I’ve visited so far – Iceland! In this series I’ll be sharing my favorite top 5 places to see, things to do, and places eat from my travels. I’ll be sharing some things I wish I had done in each place as well.

Now let’s head to Iceland-

  1. Glacier Hike

Travel Top 5: Iceland

Hands down my favorite experience from our 4 days in Iceland. We went on a guided 1-hour tour, with  ice picks, harnesses and crampons. It was a pretty easy hike, and our group ranged from teens to early 60s.

2. Blue Lagoon

Travel Top 5: Iceland

I wish I had a better picture to show just how amazing this place was, but it was just too steamy to get a clear picture. Relaxing in 100 degree water with silica masks and sparkling wine really is the way to relax, even if the wind is freezing cold.

3. Waterfalls

Travel Top 5: Iceland

I really can’t pick just one fall because there are so many across Iceland. Just driving anywhere that isn’t in Reykjavik you’ll see a waterfall every 10 minutes. The abundant falls with the lush green fields and black lava rock is absolutely breath taking.

4. Extreme Iceland Tours

Travel Top 5: Iceland

We went on two different mini-bus tours with Extreme Iceland as well as renting our own car for an exploring day. I really liked the tours because the guide were both locals who were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I really loved that they each had stories and anecdotes about even the smallest sights. Exploring on our own was fun too, but learning about the country straight from a local was amazing.

5. Food

Travel Top 5: Iceland

This is a hot dog cart, and one of Reykjavik’s most famous places to eat according to guide books and locals. Icelandic hot dogs really are good, but the other food was great too. We had lamb, salmon, prawns, muscles, and (more) hot dogs. All good, but expensive.

Things I missed out on:

  • More Hiking – We wanted to do some hiking on our own but we just never made time to do it.
  • Caving – I looked into going on a lava tube tour and I’d love to go next time.
  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon – This lagoon was created by a melting glacier and looks gorgeous. Will be #1 on my list for our next visit.
  • Northern Lights – Sadly we went during the spring when there is no night and the northern lights don’t show. Also something I want to see on our next trip.

Have you been to Iceland? What were some of your favorite things to do and see?

Next up: Amsterdam and London!

Travel Top 5: Iceland

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