DIY Bridal Name Hanger

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

This is the perfect bridal shower gift or project for the bridesmaids to do together! My cousin is getting married later this year and I wanted to get her a name hanger from ETSY for her bridal shower, but there was no way I was going to pay $15-$20 for one. This is is pretty easy project, with minor skill or tools needed.


  • Hanger
  • 14 Gauge Craft Wire
  • Pliers (Optional)
  • Superglue
  • Drill

I started off by looking on ETSY for inspiration for lettering styles. I then typed out “Mrs. Hazdovac” on Word in a cursive font similar to the style I liked and filled the name to the full width of the page (portrait  orientation). Print the template and roll out your wire!


Leave about 6 inches from the end before you start your words, you will trim this later. Bend the wire to follow your template. I started out trying to match the template exactly, but later found it was easier to just eyeball each letter.

Try to only make each bend once. If you bend too far, the wire will keep the kink in it and won’t give you as smooth a line. I used my fingers and pencils to bend the wire around, depending on the letter. For some of the harder curves I used pliers to bend the wire. To avoid leaving nicks from the pliers I wrapped the corner of a shirt around the wire I was bending.


Bend until you’ve completed your word then cut the wire, leaving 4 inches after the end of the word. With a drill and bit slightly thicker than your wire, drill two holes one-inch in from the end of the hanger. Drill about 1/4-inch in to the hanger perpendicular to how the wire will sit (so holes going north/south). Center your wire word and trim the excess wire leaving 1/2-inch on either side – remember you can always trim more, but you can’t add more wire. Bend the ends of your wire up to fit into the holes and trim if necessary. Once you get a good fit, put glue into the holes and insert the wire! I taped my wire to the hanger to secure it while the glue dried overnight.


You can spray paint the hanger or add ribbons to match the wedding theme, or leave it as wood.

Will you be making this for a bridal shower or pay for one?

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