Friday Finds: Favorites For Fall

Sorry for the alliteration, but holy heck am I ready for fall! To me, the end of August is when fall should be starting (aka cozy weather). In some parts of the US that may be true, but in California we have to wait until the end of October for the leaves to change and the cool crisp air to hit.

So to hold me over until then, here’s a round up of some of my favorite products i’ve been seeing lately, and yes they’re mostly fall related.

  1. Apple Tart Dish


Does this not make you want to bake an apple pie right now?! I’m going to have to forget about this one, because at $165 (!!) I could buy a whole lot of other (cheaper) pie dishes.

2. Marble and Wood Serving Board


Yes, I still love the marble trend even if it’s over now. The past 6 months i’ve begun a cheese board collection and I hope to add this one soon.

3. Gold Dipped Acorn Salt/Pepper Set


I must say, if I didn’t work for a company that sells these, I would have never seen them in person and realized how adorable they are. Seriously, the cutest little shakers ever, plus they’re white and gold.  Will actually purchase these for myself sometime soon.

4. Gold Rimmed Cocktail Glasses


More things I (begrudgingly) can’t afford. I think I could drink anything  from this and it would taste better.

5. Rose Gold Flatware


Again, not going to happen, but a girl can dream.

What products are you loving lately?

Look for a new “Friday Finds” the first friday of every month!

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