Sewing: First Projects

Sometimes when I am trying new projects, I will get really into one skill for a month or so and only want to do projects related to that skill. Right now, I’m really into sewing. However, I’m pretty mediocre at sewing; I really haven’t used a sewing machine in 10+ years, and the only sewing I’ve done is straight lines for Girl Scout crafts.

So I am taking on my own challenge one project at a time, starting with some basic projects. I was first inspired by this DIY tea towel on Sugar & Cloth by Erin of Francois Et Moi. I love the combination of colored bias tape and seersucker. I wanted to make this with intention of giving it away as a house warming gift.

Here’s my first attempt:


Honestly, this is better than I thought I would do, and look longer than expected. It sure looks like a quick project, but pre-washing, cutting and ironing fabric takes a bit of time. I’m happy with how it turned out, but I need to work on keeping my straight lines straight. I will by making a white seersucker/hot pink trim next that will hopefully be good enough to send to a new home.

My second project (the one i’m more proud of) also took more time than I expected. I found this tutorial for mitered napkins on Pinterest and thought it was be a quick and easy project. I picked up some fat quarters of fabric knowing these would be my true test dummies. Again, pre-washing, ironing and cutting took more time than I anticipated. After all that, the first napkin I made took an hour to press, pin and sew!

My napkins (don’t you just love the fabric?):


I am happy with how they turned out though, I am more impressed with myself for sewing the napkins than the tea towel. I even showed off my perfect corners to my family and coworkers like a proud mom.

Next up: throw pillow and a basic t-shirt!

What other easy, but practical sewing projects should I try?

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