Friday Finds: Pineapple Everything!

Happy Friday! I wanted to celebrate the start of the weekend with some fun finds!

Pineapples were a hit last summer and have made a return for 2016. They’re popping up everywhere from weddings to home decor and pool floats! I’m totally on board with this trend and have started to pick up a few pineapple items:


I found this guy (a ceramic candle) at my Target misplaced in the jewelry section – so I knew I had to go hunting for other colors. Unfortunately, when I found them in the candle section the pineapples that were there were all missing their tops! But I really wanted a white one so I looked around and found a whole one a few aisles over. Lucky for me, I liked the scent of the white candle (this orange one is great too, but I really wanted white). Sadly the white one isn’t online, but you get the idea.

Another fun piece of pineapple decor I found at Target:


It’s a trinket dish! I didn’t buy this because I don’t quite love it – the pineapple could be cuter and I wish the top were gold rather than copper. Instead I am going to try to DIY this! I bought a pineapple ice tray mold that i’m going to fill with cement. My plan is to glue two halves of the pineapple together, spray paint it white and gold, and glue it on to a small dish.

Lastly, this amazing hooded towel from Target:


Unfortunately this is a kids towel and would never fit me, but I adore it none the less.

Are you loving the pineapple trend? What great finds do you have?

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