Trip Planning: Iceland

We leave for our Europe trip in three weeks from today! I am super excited, but also realizing I need to get solid plans for each city. I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading my book for Iceland and watching YouTube videos of people visiting Iceland.

I had a blast watching this YouTube couple Aspyn + Parker travel Iceland in what will likely be a similar trip to the one I am taking. I didn’t watch all of the videos because I still want to be excited and surprised by the sights of Iceland., but from what I saw, it looks amazing.

My biggest dilemma is whether or not to go to the Blue Lagoon. It’s a (expensive) natural hot spring, that looks so amazing and is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. So why not? (Aside from my bank account)

But seriously, look at this place:


We also will see the Golden Circle – a loop that has a bunch of natural sights including waterfalls and geysers. I’m not sure yet if we want to drive it ourselves or take a tour bus. Driving it would allow us to stop where we want and stay as little or as long as we’d like. Taking a tour would be nice though to have context to what we are seeing and so that we both can see the landscape.

I am also looking in the south coast and the west for some other day trips (aka long drives). I’m trying to decide if renting a car is worth the money, or if tour buses are the way to go.

Have you been to Iceland? What are you must see items? Is it worth the money to rent a car vs. taking tour buses? Let me know with a comment!

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