DIY Honeycomb Trinket Dish

Happy Friday! I have a super easy DIY today (yet another trinket dish)!

I have been seeing the honeycomb/hexagon popping up here and there on both home and DIY blogs so I decided to pick something up for myself.

I am turning a plain hexagon trinket dish into a pretty gold dotted dish.


  • single hole punch
  • gold adhesive vinyl (I found mine on Amazon)
  • hexagon dish (I found this one at Target)


Make a bunch of punches in your vinyl until you have enough dots for the design of your choice. Once you have enough dots, peel off the backing and stick the dots on!


I created two styles – one with random dots, and one with a gradient. You could also make a pattern.



Another fun idea is to use the left over vinyl (that has all the holes in it) as dour dish decor. I punched my holes in straight lines, so it kind of gives the honeycomb look.

What do you think about the honeycomb/hexagon shape?

Have a great weekend!

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