Gold Leaf Card

I have been so bad lately with not posting! I will be trying to get back to my Wed/Fri schedule starting now.

I have been (kinda) doing the Brit + Co 50 days of lettering challenge – which is a challenge in itself! I’ve definitely missed days, but I try to make up for slacking off by putting in 120% effort to the days I do participate.

This is a fun card I just love – and also my first try as using golf leaf.


I used a paint brush to write hello with gilding glue, then gilded away! My coworker had tried the same Martha Stewart gilding sheets and glue before and had a lot of trouble with it. I think the trick is to really let the glue get tacky, then leaving the sheet on for a full hour to two hours before brushing it off.

My edges aren’t very crisp, but that’s likely from the paint brush. I will have to try more gold leafing but with a straight edge to see if I can get a crisp line.

What have you gilded? Any tips and tricks for getting a clean line?

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