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Long time no blog…

Hello, friends! I’m alive and well although I did vanish from my blog for a solid 5 months. I’ve been extremely busy with 1) a new job – although it’s not very new anymore 2) I moved apartments! 3) Trying to have a life.

I have a million posts I want to write – mostly DIYs from my new apartment – but I haven’t made the time. Creating a DIY post isn’t just about the DIY – I have to have the right supplies, tools, space and proper lighting to shoot the photos/video. I’m ecstatic to finally have a dedicated craft space and enough natural light to shoot projects. Isn’t she beautiful:

Minted Bold | Craft Desk

My goal is to starting posting once a week and work my way back to three a week if I think that’s doable. I do need some help though for those of you that made it this far – hi mom. What type of content are you most interested in from Minted Bold? Do you want to see more simple or complex DIYs? Are you looking for decor inspiration or shopping roundups? Do you want simple twists on recipes or cocktails? Let me know what you’re loving or looking for with a comment below!

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