Favorite Travels of 2017

Just like that, we’re one week into 2018! I am starting to look at the 3-day weekends for the year and think-up where I can travel to sometime soon. Until then, let’s take a look back at some of my favorite trips from 2017! I didn’t write posts for most of my trips this year, but I can write something if you’re interested:



Although I wasn’t very impressed with Denver itself, I loved this trip simply because of the 24 hours we spent in the mountains just outside of town. We drove up to Estes Park, about an hour north of Denver, and spent an evening exploring the town and the next day snowshoeing at Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ll give Denver another chance, but it will have to be in the Summer.



This was only my second time visiting Hawaii, and it was so nice to relax. I wish I didn’t get sunburnt the first day and have to spend the next few days hiding from the sun, but we still made the best of it.

Pismo Beach


Aside from my Airbnb being almost literally on Highway 1 (I thought a semi-truck was going to come through my wall while I was trying to sleep), Pismo beach was a great place. The beach was gorgeous and warm (compared to northern California beaches) and we went to the sand dunes and rode ATVs. I always love family trips and this one was no exception.

Do you want to see “Top 5” posts for any of these places? Let me know and I’ll write something. Otherwise, where is someplace you’d like to visit in 2018?

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