Dragon Fruit Prosecco | Minted Bold

Dragon Fruit Prosecco

I have a fun drink recipe for you today! I’ll be honest though, I failed a little and this isn’t the drink I wanted to share with you but it’s still yummy.

Dragon Fruit Prosecco | Minted Bold

I wanted to make a dragon fruit mimosa with Welches Dragon Fruit Mango Cocktail but my local grocery didn’t carry it. Instead I just used my Dragon Fruit simple syrup to add some color and light flavor to the prosecco.


Simply pour a glass of champagne then add 2-4 teaspoons of the dragon fruit syrup. When stirred in, you will get this gorgeous pink color. If you carefully add the syrup and allow it to fall to the bottom of the glass, you will get a pretty ombré champagne (see below!)

Dragon Fruit Prosecco | Minted Bold

That’s it! Although there isn’t much flavor to the syrup, I love the ombré look and it would be perfect for a bridal shower. I will try the real recipe next chance I get and update this post.

Ombre Champagne | Minted Bold

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